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It’s kawaii wednesdaiii… // Miércoles Adorables 



Hello, little bunny butt!

It's kawaii wednesdaiii... // <em> Miércoles Adorables </em> www.chiclapin.wordpress.com

Furry, wrinkly goodness in a easy to carry, convenient puppy. Everybody say “awww”.❤ Do you have a furry friend?Are you a cat or a dog person?

Arrugada y peluda adorabilidad en un cómodo y ligero cachorro. Repite conmigo: “Awww!!”Tienes alguna mascota? Eres más de perro o de gato?

Smile! We’re halfway there. Sonríe! ya queda menos para el finde.


3 thoughts on “It’s kawaii wednesdaiii… // Miércoles Adorables 

  1. Can I say both? I grew up with a cat and dog (amongst other pets) but I think the boy and I are going to get a kitty…. not any time soon though. We can’t have one in our apartment😦 Love animals – they’re such great companions :) xx

    • Awww that sucks. I couldn’t keep animals on my previous flat so I made sure they would allow me in this one! I’m definitely more of a dog person but kittens are adorable too! Have you decided on the breed? Hugs❤

      • Yeah it really does suck😦 My partner is more of a cat kind of guy and I think they’re super cute too, although I love dogs also:) We’re locked in a lease for a while, so it will be some time before we can think about getting a kitty of our own. Hugs back:) xx

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