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My week on Instagram. Mi semana, en Instagram {+ Wedding Invites / + Invitaciones de Boda}

Hello Gorgeous!❤

TODAY IS A MAGICAL DAY FOR ME.😀   I’ve hit a BIG milestone in my wedding organization, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished designing my wedding invites! *Happy Dance* Now I only have to find a english friendly print that will understand my needs and provide chic paper. Oh. how I wish I already knew German. I’m starting my course next monday so I guess is a matter of time, hahah.^^’  Other than that, I’m terribly sleepy today because A) I’ve been working all freaking day on the invites. B) I woke up early after going to sleep really late. Either need to work on my sleeping schedule or refuse to read more Murakami. I’m dreaming of sushi (like Jiro) and/or other possible treats for me (and the fiancé) today; after all my Carpe Diem Journal does say I get to indulge after accomplishing a goal. I’m not food~motivated. At all.

HOY ES UN GRAN DÍA PARA MI. 😀   He alcanzado una gran meta en la organización de mi boda, y hoy puedo anunciar que ¡he terminado las invitaciones! *Baile feliz*. Ya están listas para materializarse sobre papel pero aún debo de encontrar una imprenta que hable inglés. Ojalá supiera ya algo de alemán; aunque es cuestión de tiempo, ¡empiezo las clases este lunes! ^^’ Por otro lado, estoy que me caigo de sueño por dos razones: A) Llevo todo el día currando en dichas invitaciones; B) he madrugado y ayer me acosté tardísimo. Creo que llegados a este punto, o bien me replanteo mis horas de sueño, o bien abandono los libros de Muarakami para siempre. Hablando de dormir, hoy sueño con sushi (como Jiro) o algún otro tipo de premio; al fin y al cabo mi diario Carpe Diem bien dice que si tacho una tarea de la lista puedo tomar helado. El sushi es el helado del mar. O algo así. Supongo.

What are your plans for the week? ¿Qué planes tienes para esta semana?


6 thoughts on “My week on Instagram. Mi semana, en Instagram {+ Wedding Invites / + Invitaciones de Boda}

  1. Oh wow! Congrats:) I’m a graphic designer and from time to time I design wedding invitations. It’s one of my favourite things to design. What course are you starting next week? Is it a language course? Hope you catch up on your sleep:) x

    • I’m learning German! I’m a little nervous about that because my lessons are gonna be in English which obviously is my second language, so it’s gonna be a little harder for me. I’m also excited anyway, I love learning!
      You’re a graphic designer… so cool! That’s why you have such a nice taste in photography and blog design. I bet your invites are amazing😀 Thank you so much for your lovely wishes. Hugs❤

      • It’s normal to be nervous but try not to be. Your English is really good so you shouldn’t have too many problems with the German language. Good luck and enjoy it … Learning is fun! xx

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