F/W Drugstore Foundations Review, Pictures & Swatches. Part II: Essence’s All About Matt! Foundation. Bases de Maquillaje Otoño/Invierno 2013. Parte II: All About Matt! de Essence. 

Hi hi my dear Lapinettes! Time for another Fall Foundation Review~ 💞

🇪🇸 Hola Lapinettes! Os traigo una nueva reseña de la serie de bases otoñño/invierno 2013. 💞

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Essence has come out with a new oil-free, longlasting matt foundation that promises 12h of flawless wear and natural coverage for less than 4€ (3,79€/ 30ml to be precise). You can’t go wrong for that price so naturally I had to give it a try! 🐰

🇪🇸 La nueva base de Essence es libre de aceites y de larga duración. Promete 12h de cobertura natural  por menos de 4€ (3.79€/30ml para ser exactos), así que tenía que probarla! 🐰

Essence all about matt oil free make up foundation review, pictures, swatches. Opinion, fotos, reseña. www.chiclapin.wordpress.com

😻 The best:

Medium coverage, buildable to certain point. Satin finish. Looks natural.

Watery, thin texture easy to work with. Blends easily and feels fresh upon application. A little goes a long way.

The formula is oil-free and doesn’t clog pores. It also is water based, and contains glycerine and fruit extracts, so it won’t dry you out.

Very affordable.

💔 The bad:

It’s definitely not matt on me. If you’re looking for a velvety or powdery finish you’ll need to use a fair amoint of finishing powder or choose another foundation.

The color range is very limited. I’ve seen only 3 shades here, and my closest match is the darkest one, 30 Matt Sand. I’m spanish but I’m not a really tanned woman, so I can see people struggling to find a perfect match out of just three colors.

It doesn’t last longer than any other foundation on my normal-combo skin. I wouldn’t say it lasts 12h, and it does need touch ups.

Tends to oxidize on me. If you’re doubting wich shade to pick, you may want to keep in mind it may darken through the hours.



😻 Lo mejor:

Cobertura media, modulable hasta cierto punto. Acabado satinado natural.

La textura es ligera y fresca, fácil de aplicar y difuminar. Necesitas poco producto para todo el rostro.

La fórmula es libre de aceite y no tapona los poros. El maquillaje es en base de agua, y además contiene glicerina y extractos de fruta para mantener la piel hidratada.


💔  Lo malo:

Definitivamente no es mate, al menos en mi. Si buscas un acabado empolvado o aterciopelado completamente mate, probablemente necesitarás usar polvos o decantarte por otra base.

La gama de tonos es muy escasa. Sólo he visto tres; el tono que mejor me va es 30 Matt Sand, que es el más oscuro. Soy española pero no soy particularmente morena, así que probablemente haya mucha gente a la que le cueste encontrar un tono adecuado.

No es particularmente duradera, al menos en mi, me aguanta en la línea de cualquier otra base de maquillaje. En mi piel normal-mixta además necesita retoques.

Tiende a oxidarse en mi. Si dudas entre dos tonos probablemente quieres tener en cuenta que se oscurece con el paso de las horas.

Sin protección solar.

Essence all about matt oil free make up foundation review, pictures, swatches. Opinion, fotos, reseña. www.chiclapin.wordpress.com


Overall a basic, inexpensive liquid foundation that will work nicely on pale/fair complexions that don’t need heavy coverage or oil control. I think people with slightly dry skin will enjoy the lovely fresh formula. (it reminds me of Maybelline’s Pure Foundation).

🇪🇸  En resumen, una base de maquillaje líquida básica pero muy asequible que funcionará bien en pieles claras que no piden mucho en cuanto a cobertura o control de brillos. Si tienes una piel sin problemas, o un poco seca probablemente te gustará la fórmula, es muy agradable y tiene sus beneficios. (Me recuerda ligeramente a la base Pure de Maybelline)

Essence all about matt oil free make up foundation review, pictures, swatches. Opinion, fotos, reseña. www.chiclapin.wordpress.com

What do you think? Feel like giving All About Matt a try?

🇪🇸 Qué os parece? Os apetece probar All About Matt?


Rabbit 🐰

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  1. anastasiias

    Thank you for the review! I was searching anything about this products and couldn’t find any review:) It’s cheap but still don’t want to spend money if it’s bad. It seems ok, nothing special, may be will try:) Thanks

    • Thank you sweetheart! Hope I’ve helped :)❤️ what kind of foundation are you looking for?

      • anastasiias

        I just saw this one in store and was interested as I have some products from Essence. I currently using two foundations, both first time. Bourjois Healthy Mix and No.7 Beautifully Matte. If you know some good not very expensive foundations for combination skin I’d be glad to get an advice:)

      • It depends on the finish you’re after, too! 😊 if you want very high coverage and flawless finish you can check Dermablend by Vichy, I loved that one! I have combo skin myself and I enjoyed using Max Factor’s miracle Touch, and the new one (the whipped cream one, I’ve reviewed it here) is lovely as well. Also, do you have Kiko near you? They make awesome make up for a fair price!

      • anastasiias

        No, we don’t have Kiko. Thank you!!! I will go to read your review. For everyday I don’t need full coverage. I’m ok with medium one and half-matte or matte finish.

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